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I love DeviantART! by whiteflower122 I love DeviantART! :iconwhiteflower122:whiteflower122 0 1
The Mech of Notre Dame:Ch 3
The Mech of Notre Dame
As everyone cheered and chanted Bulkhead's name, throwing flowers and confetti, the two guards that had helped Optimus find the Palace of Justice this morning were talking to one another.
"Think he's ugly now, huh? Watch this." The guard pulled his arm back and then threw a rotten tomato right at Bulkhead's face. Bulkhead let out a grunt of surprise before lifting his servo up to wipe off the disgusting juices off his face. Most of the crowd gasped in shock of what just happened. "Now that's ugly!"
"Hail to the king!" Another guard said mockingly before another rotten tomato at Bulkhead's face
Soon it started to turn into a domino effect, all the guards and even some of the crowd began to throw rotten food at Bulkhead. The green mech tried to avoid the food coming at him, but he slipped and fell down causing the crowd the laugh. Bulkhead knew he had to get away; he quickly got back up and tried to leave.
"Where are you going bell ringer? The fun just getting star
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The Mech of Notre Dame:Ch 2
The Mech of Notre Dame
Meanwhile down in the town below, a red and blue mech named Optimus Prime along with his white cyber-horse, Starchaser were wandering around the city. But as Optimus was looking at the map he was holding, he was convinced that it wasn't doing him any good.
Looking around at the buildings in confusion, he crumpled up the map and threw it away "Ah, Starchaser…you leave the city for a few stellar cycles and they go off and change everything."
He saw two guards passing by him, so he decided to see if they could help him "Excuse me; I'm looking to the Palace of Justice, would you-." They didn't really pay attention to him "Hmm…I guess not."
Optimus continued down the street till he started to hear music. As he turned the corner he saw an older mech playing a small trumpet like object, a yellow and black goat galloping around a small purple hat and a young femme playing a tambourine. Optimus tossed in a few credits into the hat before looking up and getting a
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The Mech of Notre Dame:Ch 1
The Mech of Notre Dame
In the city of Paris, France, whether you are up in the sky or on the ground at a far away distance, you can still see and hear the large cathedral that is Notre Dame. Just outside the cathedral in a small, but colorful cart was a mech known as Starscream. He was humming to himself, but then he started to sing out loud.
Morning in Paris, the city awakes, to the bells of Notre Dame
The fisherman fishes, the baker man bakes, to the bells of Notre Dame
To the big bells as loud as the thunder
To the little bells soft as a psalm
And some say the soul of the city's the toll of the bells
The Bells of Notre Dame
As Starscream finished singing, he started to attach a group of young bots around his cart.
"Listen, they are beautiful, no?" He asked "So many colors of sounds, so many changing moods." The young mechs and femmes looked at him curiously as he continued "Because you know, they don't ring all by themselves."
To add a bit of humor, he pulled out a small puppet of h
:iconwhiteflower122:whiteflower122 1 4
The Femme and the Beast:Ch 6
The Femme and the Beast
Jena cursed under her intake as the stick she had broke when she tried to pry the little window in the cellar open "I have to go and warn Lockdown." Jena buried her face into her servos "This is all my fault."
Wheeljack came up and hugged his daughter "Don't worry, Jena. I'm sure we'll think of something."
Little did they know that Bumblebee was just outside the window, he had seen everything that had happened outside down to the part were Jena and Wheeljack got thrown into the cellar. He tapped on the window to try and get their attention.
Jena looked up and saw in him "Bumblebee?"
"Jena, don't worry I'll get you guys out of there!" Bumblebee said confidently. The little cup went to the lock and tried to see if maybe he could pick it, but it was no use. Without the key, the lock wouldn't open. He went back to the window "It's no use, I can't get it open."
Jena smiled a little "Its okay, Bumblebee. You did your best that's all that matters."
Wheeljack started to
:iconwhiteflower122:whiteflower122 2 6
The Femme and the Beast:Ch 5
The Femme and the Beast
Lockdown continued to wash himself while he was in the wash racks. He wanted to look his best tonight. He had planned a special night all for Jena; he really hoped she would like it.
"I don't know if I can do this." Lockdown groaned
"Of course you can. You just have to be strong, bold and daring." Jazz encouraged
Lockdown got out and dried himself, he turned to look at the rose in its glass dome. It was starting to wilt even more; it wouldn't be long before the last petal would fall.
"Look all you need is some music, romantic candlelight, provided by myself of course." Jazz watched as his master continues to dry off "And then when the moment is right, you confess your love to her."
Lockdown removed the towel and looked himself in the mirror "Yes…I can…I can't do this."
"You care about Jena don't you?" Jazz asked
"I care about her more then anything in the world." Lockdown admitted while putting on an old black and green suit that matched his armor
:iconwhiteflower122:whiteflower122 3 2
The Femme and the Beast:Ch4
The Femme and the Beast
Prowl continued to give Jena the tour of the castle, stopping every now and then to explain some of the history about certain items. But after a while, Jena grew a little bored. So she decided to do some exploring on her own. As she made her way down the hall, she noticed that there was another staircase near by. She hadn't seen it before, she was curious to where it went to. But just as she started walking up it, she heard the sounds of Jazz and Prowl telling her to stop. Though she ignored them and continued up, only to have them block her path.
Now Jena was suspicious "What's up there?"
"Nothing, nothing you need to worry about." Came a quick answer from Prowl
"Yeah, it's just the west wing. It's very dull and boring." Jazz added
"Oh, so this is the west wing." Jena tried to look beyond the stairs "I wonder what he's hiding up there."
"Hiding? The master isn't hiding anything." Prowl says
"Are you sure?" Jena asked "He told me I'm never allowed to go up there
:iconwhiteflower122:whiteflower122 3 0
The Femme and the Beast:Ch3
The Femme and the Beast
Back in the village, Sentinel was sitting by the fire waiting to his drink, thinking about what had happened this morning.
"How dare that femme say no to me! No one says no to me!"
"Now Sentinel, you need to stop beating yourself up like this." Swindle said, while bringing a drink for himself and the blue mech "I'm sure she'll come around eventually."
"I hope your right."
Just then the door to the bar opened and entered a frightened and slightly crazed Wheeljack.
"Someone help me!"
Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at him
"Please I need help! He's…he's got her locked in the dungeon!"
"Who?" asked a slightly drunk mech
"My daughter, Jena!" Wheeljack exclaimed "We have to go save her! There's not a minute to lose!"
"Whoa, there Wheeljack," Sentinel interjected "Who got Jena locked in a dungeon?"
Wheeljack stammered "I…I don't know what it was. I'm not even sure it was a mech! It…it was a monster, a breast! A terrible, horrible beast!"
:iconwhiteflower122:whiteflower122 2 0
The Femme and the Beast:Ch2
The Femme and the Beast
Jena let out a bit of a sad sigh, she was a little bored without her father around. She was so bored; she even started to look over some of her father's blueprints to see what he was planning on doing next. There came a knock at the door and Jena quickly got up to enter it, only to be disappointed by who was standing there.
"Sentinel, what a pleasant surprise." Jena muttered dryly
"Well, you know me, Jena. I'm always full of surprises." Sentinel boasted
Jena rolled her optics and replied sarcastically "Yes, you certainly are."
Sentinel stepped inside and leaned against the wall "You know Jena there isn't a femme in town, who love to be in your place right now."
"Oh, really? And why that?"
Sentinel smiled "Because this is the day your dreams will come true."
Jena walked back to the table to pick up her book and cocked an optical ridge at him "And what do you know about my dreams?"
"I know plenty." Sentinel sat down in the chair and propped his pedes up on the tab
:iconwhiteflower122:whiteflower122 4 0
The Femme and the Beast
The Femme and the Beast
Once upon a time in a far away land, there lived a royal family that lived in a castle. The young prince that lived there had everything he had ever wanted until one day his world fell apart. His mother had fall under a great illness that had no cure to help her, she died within a week. And his father had left him after his mother died; saying that without her around, the young prince meant nothing to him.
Stricken with grief and despiser the prince became spoiled, selfish and unkind. He changed his body completely, misplacing his robot parts with ones that didn't match and also destroyed every picture that had him and his parents in it, not wanting to be reminded of his past.
As the stellar cycles went by the prince grew up, but still remained his bitter self. But then one stormy night an old elderly femme came to his castle and offered him a single rose in exchange for shelter from the cold. Disgusted by her appearance, he refused the gift and turned the old f
:iconwhiteflower122:whiteflower122 4 4
TFA Drabbles 10
TFA Drabbles
Pairing: Jena x Swindle
Title: Present
It was late at night as Jena continued to fly through the city, waiting for one of her teammates to call her saying that they found something. Recently there had been new of all the robots in the downtown area were acting strange. They would shirk away from all of there duties one minute and then the next they would be normal and go back to their jobs. At first people thought it was nothing, but after a while it was getting out of control so the Autobots decided to look into it.
Jena flew back to the ground just as Prowl leaped off a building and landed on the sidewalk.
"Find anything?" She asked
"No, how about you?"
"Same." Jena sighs "This doesn't make any sense; you think we would have found something by now."
"We'll just have to keep looking."
Both Autobots turned to leave when they heard a strange sound. They froze.
"Did you hear that?"
"Yes…look" Prowl pointed down the street were some robots were wreaking some cars
:iconwhiteflower122:whiteflower122 3 0
TFA Drabbles 9
TFA Drabbles
Pairing: Jena x Ratchet (Friendship)
Title: Old Memories
"Slag!" Jena cried out as she nearly slipped again
"Take it easy, kid. We're almost there." Ratchet encouraged
Jena had one arm slug over Ratchet's shoulders as he helped her walk to the medbay. They had been battling Lugnut and Blitzwing till Jena's leg got hit by one of Lugnut's missiles. Since she couldn't do much without her leg functioning, Optimus had ordered Ratchet to take her back to the base and try to fix her up. With some difficulty they managed to make it there. Ratchet picked Jena up and set her down onto the berth before turning around to get some of his tools.
"Alright, kid. Let's have a look at that leg."
Jena managed to painfully stretch her left leg out. With a quick glance, Jena's leg looked in really bad shape. There was a pretty good sized dent in side where the missile must have hit along with part of her armor had split open up by her knee joint, revealing a loose wire that was cackling with s
:iconwhiteflower122:whiteflower122 3 0
TFA Drabbles 8
TFA Drabbles
Pairing: Jena x Jazz
Title: Vampire Love part 1
On Cybertron there is an older part of it, the little town of Transylvania. Everyone in the town got along with each, but there was one problem. Just outside of the town there was a castle and living in it was a vampire. The vampire was truly dangerous; he would come out at night and attack anyone foolish enough to be wandering around after dark. But if that wasn't bad enough, some people have even said that they've seen the vampire throughout the day time only proving that there was never a time where they could be safe. Everyone was afraid of him…well almost everyone.
"Jena!" The blue and brown femme turned around to see her friend, Arcee, waving at her
"Hey, Jena I was wondering if you wanted to come over to my house tonight."
"Sorry Arcee I can't. I have…something important to do tonight."
"Oh that's okay maybe some other time." There was a pause before Arcee spoke again "I should probably get home. I don't wann
:iconwhiteflower122:whiteflower122 2 0
TFA Drabbles 7
TFA Drabbles
Pairing: Jena x Prowl
Title: Dinobot Island (Following with the chapter Mediation)
As Prowl and Jena rode a boat, the two Autobots made their way to Dinobot Island. When the patch of green in the middle of Lake Eire caught Jena's optic, there was one question that had brothering her ever since Prowl asked her to come with him.
"Yes, Jena?"
"Why is this place called Dinobot Island?" She asked "It seems like a bit of an odd name to call an island."
Prowl showed her a ghost of a smile "Don't worry I'll explain everything when we get there."
The blue and brown femme's curiosity raised ten fold when he said that. The whole time since she has been on earth, no one had told her about this island so it was quite a mystery to her.
As the boat landed on the shore Jena and Prowl got off and started walking through the dense forest. Prowl started to explain something to Jena, but she really wasn't paying attention. She decided to leave him to search the place herself. She too
:iconwhiteflower122:whiteflower122 4 0
Mature content
TFA Drabbles 6 :iconwhiteflower122:whiteflower122 4 4
TFA Drabbles 5
TFA Drabbles
Pairing: Jena x Oilslick
Title: New Plan
Oilslick sighed as he stepped out of the small pod he had been traveling in and onto the lush vegetation of the forest. You see his leader, Strika had ordered him to go to earth and search for any signs of their fellow Decepticons.
Once he made his way out of the forest he spent about half the day riding around Detroit in his motorcycle mode looking for any Decepticons. But even after checking some of the most unlikely places, like the abandoned mines, he still didn't get any luck. All he noticed is that Earth was filled with organics and primitive technology.
Eventually Oilslick decided to call it a day, so he went back to the forest and leaned back against one of the trees. He removed the glass dome that surrounded his head with a sigh of relief. He always hated wearing that thing, but it did come in handy incase he ever used dangerous gases on his enemies so he didn't have to worry about ever inhaling it. But it still felt good t
:iconwhiteflower122:whiteflower122 3 1


La Muerte by angelcake316 La Muerte :iconangelcake316:angelcake316 19 9 Xibalba - The Book of Life by Klorosaurus Xibalba - The Book of Life :iconklorosaurus:Klorosaurus 46 8 La Muerte by JennaAurora La Muerte :iconjennaaurora:JennaAurora 32 4 La Muerte by mintycanoodles La Muerte :iconmintycanoodles:mintycanoodles 212 7
My Demons: Prologue
It was cold and late. The streets were quiet, giving the town an eerie semblance of peace. Stan huffed as he pulled his leather jacket tightly around himself trying to gain some form of warmth and protect himself from the chilly lazy night breeze.
It still hurts. Damn it Stan, man up! So what? Your girl dumped ya for some hippie but it’s not the end. There’s still a chance to win her back! Right? But I need to stay with my brother… His research is taking him deeper into dangerous areas. I gotta stay and protect him!
Stan froze when he thought he heard something from the alley in front of him. He slowly approached the corner, fists clenching tightly, ready to attack or defend. When he leapt forward with adrenaline pumping he was puzzled when he saw nothing there. Just an empty alleyway.
“Damn. Heh, I guess I drank too much. Stupid. Gettin’ all tense and jumpy for no reason,” he muttered to himself.
His eyes swept the empty alley one last time b
:iconkazriku:KazRiku 9 0
Human!Gravepainters - Tango by bamtastico Human!Gravepainters - Tango :iconbamtastico:bamtastico 253 17 The Wedding by bamtastico The Wedding :iconbamtastico:bamtastico 313 30 Labor Of Love by Piddies0709 Labor Of Love :iconpiddies0709:Piddies0709 157 45 La Catrina by SoraValtieri La Catrina :iconsoravaltieri:SoraValtieri 115 2 La Noche y the Land of the Unknown by Zabchan La Noche y the Land of the Unknown :iconzabchan:Zabchan 87 4 I'll always forgive you by Live4Love136 I'll always forgive you :iconlive4love136:Live4Love136 314 51 Gravepainters by rennoii Gravepainters :iconrennoii:rennoii 198 11 My dearest friend, if you don't mind... by cadeee My dearest friend, if you don't mind... :iconcadeee:cadeee 156 10 Stanford Pines and Bill Cipher - Dreamscapers by JadenLover12 Stanford Pines and Bill Cipher - Dreamscapers :iconjadenlover12:JadenLover12 54 3 GF: Too Late Kids! by risaXrisa GF: Too Late Kids! :iconrisaxrisa:risaXrisa 186 33 TBoL: La Noche by toteczious TBoL: La Noche :icontoteczious:toteczious 61 17



United States
This is a picture of Me,Jena(left) and my best friend Rachael,who lives in Chicago. I love to singing,dancing and listining to music. My favorite foods are pizza,chicken and rice and ice cream. I'm actually a little bit of a tomboy,but I do enjoy some girly things. Also I Love Transformers!

Current Residence: Cicero, Indiana
Favourite genre of music: All kinds
Favourite cartoon character: TFA: Prowl,Jazz,Blitzwing. Xiaolin Showdown: Chase Young and Omi
Personal Quote: The more you practice the better you get
Happy Birthday, DeviantART!!! Hard to believe it's been 14 years! As for my story I guess I can say I joined Devianart because I love looking at all the different kinds of art, reading stories and even submitting some of my own. Even though I'm not really that great of an artist or story writer.
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